5 Şubat 2008 Salı

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Mail Merge and Mass Mailings

Earlier in this chapter, we discussed creating and using E-mail templates to send information to multiple records in your Microsoft CRM database. But suppose that you wanted to create printed letters, envelopes, or labels for a large number of records? Clearly, using an E-mail template isn't an appropriate choice for this type of printed (non-e-mail) task. Microsoft CRM offers you several options for mass mailing activities, including the following:

Use the Microsoft CRM mail merge feature in the Microsoft CRM client for Outlook.

Use the mail merge feature in Microsoft Office Word, using Microsoft CRM filtered views as a data source.

Use the mail merge feature in Word, using Microsoft CRM data exported to Microsoft Office Excel as a data source.

Write a Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services report.

Use the Microsoft CRM Campaign and Quick Campaign features.

Create a custom mass mailing application.

Although using the mass mailing and mail merge features of Microsoft CRM doesn't necessarily fall under the chapter title "Setting Up Your System," we've received so many questions on the topic that we felt the need to cover it in this book. Therefore, the remainder of the chapter examines the benefits and drawbacks of theseoptions to help you decide which one provides the best fit for you.

Explaining the details of setting up and using the Word mail merge feature is beyond the scope of
this book. We assume you're already familiar with the concepts and techniques related to using Word mail merge.